Aggregate Types

Seeley and Arnill Construction carries most common types of limestone aggregate and various sand and gravel products and specialty products. For information on where you can pick up the product you need or schedule deliveries please call Orders/Dispatch. We also have various recycled products available at some locations. Click here, to see all of our pit locations.


Granular AStone to Sand. Best used for driveways, top coat, walkways, under concrete and asphalt.

Screened Granular B

Type 1 minus with sand. Sand/gravel screened mixture. Best used for roadways or parking lot base.

50mm Crusher Run (Granular B)

Best used for sub-base material for roads and parking lots. Can be compacted.

Clear Stone

16mm, 19mm, 25mm and 40mm. Drainage stone, all consistent in size, no fines. Best used for window wells, is good for a driveway base and in a wet area or poor ground.


50-75mm, 75-200mm. Decorative stone, good for around pools, gardens, etc. Good for drainage, no fines.


Best used for backfill around houses, inside garages to bring up to grade. Must be compacted before concrete is poured.

Limestone Screenings

6mm. All fines less then 6mm. Best used for under patio stones or unistone. Good for walkways. Great compaction.

Bank B

Good for driveway base, roadway or parking lot where existing ground conditions are poor.


Sand with minus stone. Good for under pools and backfill.


Decorative rock, good for dog runs, around pools. Soft on feet.

Septic Sand

Used for septic fields and sewage moulds. Meets most specifications of CSA.

Cable Sand

Used to cover electrical cable or water lines.

Washed Sand

4mm. Used for backfill, trench fill, under slab. Compactable, free draining material.

Concrete Sand

Washed and screened course sand. Used for making concrete or as a bedding for patio stones or pavers.